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The BEST Crumb Apple Pie

Let me introduce you to the pie that started this blog, literally: Dorothy’s Famous Crumb Apple Pie.

This is the BEST Crumb Apple Pie recipe you’ll ever make: an all butter pie crust, soft tart apples, and a crunchy sweet crumble topping. The perfect apple pie!

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The BEST Crumb Apple Pie Recipe you'll ever eat! This is my signature recipe! EVERYONE loves this easy pie!

I can say it’s famous, right? If it’s been on the internet? And is the most requested pie in my entire family? And if MEL EATS IT?

Okay, so I first posted this pie in the early days of this blog. I’m not even gonna link it because, really. No one needs to see it. That was back when I thought “Hey, I’ll post all these recipes and magically everyone will start reading my blog!” which was what I thought a hot second after thinking “Hey, the Pioneer Woman is famous! I can do that!”

*snort laugh*

Anyway, post #2 was back in 2012. I joined forces with some of my BFF bloggers to on a “redo” post. That is, we picked an old post, reshot it and reposted it because our old photos sucked. And, well. LMAO, I actually thought it was a great photo. (See the bottom of this post for the original shot.)

This is the pie that is the reason I started my blog; it deserves to be front and center. It deserves good photos and a good pin count (so pin it, pretty please?) and everyone needs to make this pie.

The BEST apple pies are crumb apple pies!

The BEST Crumb Apple Pie Recipe you'll ever eat! This is my signature recipe - the crumble is super crunchy and thick. This easy pie is PERFECT!

Look at that crumb? You guys, I’m drooling, for real.

So how did this pie start it all? Well, I developed this recipe when I was in college. I loved the flavors of apple pie but I always thought the traditional two crust variety was missing something. I also hate chewy/crunchy apples in pie; I can’t even eat a pie if the apples bounce back at me. So I created this recipe and it became legendary (at least to me). I subsequently have made this pie for every holiday for 20 years. And: it’s one of the only non-peanut butter, non-carrot cake desserts my husband eats!! And he can never resist it!

How did that turn into a blog? Well, Mel and I always joked that we should make this pie without the apples; just the crust and the crumb, because that was the best part. Then that turned into a business idea we had for a bakery (which is still on my mind)…and that turned into Crazy for Crust. And the rest is history!

So, what makes this pie so special? What makes it the BEST APPLE PIE out there? Well, let’s break down the only pie recipe you’ll ever need from now until infinity, shall we?


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