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Dark Chocolate and Orange Cookies (Slice & Bake)

[ad_1] My Dark Chocolate and Orange Cookies Recipe makes orange scented buttery cookies dipped in melted dark chocolate — that taste like heaven. Hi Bold Bakers! One of my favorite classic flavor combinations is dark chocolate and orange. During the holidays, there’s something really nice about making a few things with nostalgic flavors like my Irish [More…]

Dinner roll recipes: 9 ways to a Thanksgiving bread lover's heart

[ad_1] Who doesn’t love the annual Thanksgiving feast? The impressively large turkey with its crackling-crisp mahogany skin. The family heirloom bowl heaped high with mashed potatoes. Perfect gravy in an actual tureen. Green bean casserole – with or without the cream of mushroom soup. And pumpkin pie. Apple pie. Pecan, chocolate cream, strawberry, creamy coconut [More…]

April Fools in the kitchen: our 9th annual salute to (un)success

[ad_1] Does the King Arthur Flour test kitchen conjure up visions of gleaming stainless steel counters, state-of-the-art ovens, and expert chefs in snowy white garb effortlessly creating the perfect chocolate chip cookie, apple pie, and sourdough loaf? Well, let’s just say some of the above. We do have one stainless steel counter; it’s usually covered [More…]

The very best pie apples: how to choose

[ad_1] Which are the best pie apples? With apple-picking season hard upon us, it’s time to dust off your favorite apple pie recipe, sharpen your crust-rolling skills, and get ready to enjoy fall’s favorite dessert: apple pie. You may be tempted to make your pie from one of the six apple varieties that dominate the [More…]

Apple Pie Bakealong: Challenge #4

[ad_1] Tick… tick… tick… That’s the timer ticking down to Thanksgiving, and you know what that means: pie. How are your pie crust skills? Are you roll, roll, rolling your own — or unrolling one from the supermarket? If the latter, our November Apple Pie Bakealong will give you the confidence (and step-by-step instructions) you [More…]

Almond Flour Shortcakes: where tender meets tasty

[ad_1] Strawberry shortcake is to summer what apple pie is to fall: the season’s quintessential dessert. But once field-fresh strawberries have come and gone, is shortcake season over? Perish the thought! Peach or nectarine shortcake are July favorites, with blueberry/blackberry taking over as July gives way to August. Fresh fruit shortcake is always in season [More…]